AT Aviation Sales Ltd works in partnership with My New Aircraft who provide a credit brokerage service for our aircraft. We have been working closely to bring these products into the marketplace for our customers and are confident that our customers will be provided with an efficient, professional service. We have published two finance examples on each of our aircraft for sale (if no examples are shown on an aircraft you have interest in, please contact us) to give you an indication of cost for two different ways that you can finance your next plane. If you have an aircraft you would like to purchase through AT AVIATION or even outside of AT AVIATION we can help with a finance option to suit you and most budgets. This page provides you with information regarding the finance we are able to offer as a finance introducer, getting you a little closer to that new purchase.

Why Finance Your Next Aircraft?

Generally, used aircraft do tend to hold their value relatively well providing they are well looked after. Finance can be a great way of keeping your money in the bank whilst paying for your next aircraft in the form of a monthly payment to suit your budget.

What Kind Of Finance Products Are Available?

There are many ways to finance your new aircraft. We have prepared an explanation of the two kinds that we have prepared examples for on AT Aviation Sales’ website below along with some of the advantages and disadvantages:

Option 1. Credit Sale – No Balloon

This is a straight forward credit sale agreement where firstly, you pay a deposit, then make a number of monthly instalments that include interest, over anywhere from 18-60 months. There is a “document fee” with your first monthly payment to cover the finance company’s costs and the cost to register the aircraft mortgage with the CAA. With a credit sale agreement there is no “option to purchase fee” at the end.



Option 2. Credit Sale With A Balloon Payment

This is the same as a credit sale without a balloon payment, except, a proportion of the balance to finance is saved until the end of the agreement which is payable in a lump sum. On some occasions the balloon payment can be up to 50% of the value of the aircraft, or, as low as you would like it to be.



Finance Rates

My New Aircraft’s finance rates are published below:

Balance to fund of £5,000-£9,999 – 10.9% APR Balance to fund of £10,000-£19,999 – 9.9% APR Balance To fund of £20,000+ – 8.9% APR

Please note that on aircraft costing £120,000 or more, it may be possible to achieve a better interest rate in the form of either a fixed or variable rate aircraft mortgage with one of our alternative finance providers which we will endeavour to do for all of AT Aviation Sales’s customers.

Contact us for more info on our flexible financing options.

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