AT Aviation Aircraft Refinancing - Release Equity

We provide the GA community with the option for Aircraft Refinance – Equity Release. GA – light aircraft releasing equity with greater ease through our finance options.

Do you have concerns about Cash-Flow and your Capital during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Before you sell your aircraft for less than its worth, why not consider refinancing it to release equity of up to 90% of its value?

AT Aviation Sales Ltd. are working in partnership with Buckley Asset Finance Ltd who are able to provide a refinancing solution for your assets or business. Equity can be released against your aircraft in the form of a CAA registered aircraft mortgage with or without a balloon payment and an affordable monthly payment to suit your budget. Buckley Asset Finance Ltd is in a position to refinance most other assets from Aircraft, Boats, Engineering Equipment, Construction Equipment to Cars and Commercials.

We completely understand the stress that this global situation is causing to business owners and individuals alike, so we are on hand to assist you with a refinancing option to best suit your requirements.

Q&A - AT Aviation Sales Ltd. Aircraft Refinancing - Equity Release

Directly From Buckley Asset Finance

What is the eligibility criteria for Aircraft Refinancing - Equity Release

  • Equipment Finance Only
  • Products Covered: Credit Sale, Hire Purchase & Finance Lease   
  • Customers: UK SMEs  and private individuals meeting the eligibility criteria
  • Requiring: New Equipment to the Business & Refinance
  • Values: £5,000 – £2,000,000
  • Terms: 2-6 years
  • Business Details: UK-based
Yes – we can assist you with the refinance of most assets using our standard products
We may be able to reduce your monthly outgoings or release some equity from the asset or a combination of both if the circumstances allow.
Yes – we are also able to provide regulated products for the purchase or refinancing of your assets

We work very closely with AT Aviation Sales Ltd and we are committed to providing ongoing support to their customers. Please give us a call to discuss your options.

At Buckley Asset Finance, we are well placed to provide finance and re-financing solutions for anything from coffee vending machines to complex engineering equipment, renewable energy sources, aircraft, boats and motor vehicles including but not limited to; cars, commercial vehicles, classic cars and supercars. We pride ourselves in being able to source funding for most hard assets.

Aircraft Refinancing - Equity Release Examples

Piper Arrow

Cirrus SR20

Robinson R44

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Based in Cheshire, Buckley Asset Finance Ltd are finance specialists for all types of aircraft purchase. From Microlights to Private Jets and Helicopters, we work with a select panel of lenders to get you the best deal.

With pilots and aviation enthusiasts located across the UK, we operate as a nationwide service and aim to make it easier for people to sell their aircraft and more affordable for others to buy aircraft.

The process of buying an aircraft is made as simple as possible for both the potential buyer and the seller. We even offer alternative finance packages when cash is not readily available. If buyers do choose to use our finance packages to purchase a light aircraft, we ensure that it does not affect the seller and that they still receive their funds in a timely manner.

At Buckley Asset Finance Ltd, we are passionate about aviation and are on hand to talk you through the types of light aircraft that are on our website for sale, ensuring that you find the most suitable aircraft and finance package for you. We also offer a UK based syndicate service to make your passion for flying more affordable by sharing the aircraft with other like-minded people.

AT Aviation Sales Ltd. are totally unmatched in the GA aviation sector, we hold the largest stock in Europe with over 40 aircraft for sale, both on and off market.  Our stock is held in the two showroom hangars at our Dunkeswell Aerodrome facility in Devon.

We have a constant stream of clients from the UK, Europe and beyond. Read more about the AT Aviation Sales Ltd. team here.