EASY WHEELS for Robinson Helicopters

AT Aviation are the UK dealer for the ground handling wheels for Robinson Helicopters, EASY WHEELS. Contact our sales staff to discuss the options available.

Easy Wheels UK dealer for Robinson helicopters

The Story

Fred Willems, the Easy Wheels creator is a Dutch engineer and Pilot with a keen interest in Helicopters.

After 10 years flying he ended his career as a helicopter pilot and as an engineer he remains interested in improving helicopter support equipment and he enjoys helping his fellow pilots make their flying experience as hassle free as possible.

During his 10 years flying he faced many problems with the helicopter ground handling wheels from a variety of manufacturers. These include flat tires, bent or broken axles, bent or broken handles and broken ball bearings. Often the clumsy construction resulted in difficulties transporting the wheels in the helicopter.

In short, a real pain in the arse!!

Easy WheelsThis annoyance was the initial motivation to start designing and constructing quality helicopter ground handling wheels for ROBINSON helicopters: light, strong, no margins, handy and still stylish!


AT Aviation are the easy wheels UK dealer

EASY WHEELS are very stylish.
EASY WHEELS are maintenance free.
EASY WHEELS are extremely light rolling.
EASY WHEELS are extremely light in weight.
EASY WHEELS are made of the best material.
EASY WHEELS are compact due the removable handles.

Easy Wheels for Robinson R44 / R66

Easy Wheels at AT Aviation, Robinson R44 / R66 ground handling made easy!

Easy Wheels for Robinson R22

Easy Wheels at AT Aviation, Robinson R22 ground handling made easy!

HEAVY DUTY ( BLUE TYRE) 3 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDING TYRES. All wheel and skid axles used in the standard as well in the Heavy Duty Wheels have a lifetime warranty which includes: worn-out, bent or broken.