Enstrom 280FX Shark

We are delighted to have in stock this stunning Enstrom 280FX helicopter, she has amazingly low times of under 900 hours, built in 1992 so one of the later models with far more power than the earlier non turbo charged machines. There is seating for three and the cabin is large and spacious. Paintwork and interior are in superb condition and she has been hangared all her life. Fresh annual and ARC were completed in December 2018 and she is ready to fly away. The idea aircraft for a private owner as there is no calander life components unlike the Robinsons, even if you are only flying 50 hours per year this machine makes financial sense. Flying wise she is very stable and easy to fly, a very good training helicopter and a lot faster then the Schweizer. In stock at our Dunkeswell facility.


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Enstrom 280FX Shark for sale at AT Aviation is part of a family of small, light piston engine powered helicopters. Manufactured by the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation the company produces three models, the F-28, the more aerodynamic 280 and the turbine-powered 480, each with their own variants. While the F-28 and 280 helicopters use Lycoming piston engines, similarly fixed-wing GA aircraft also use this engine too.

The 280FX is based on the 280F with landing gear fairings, redesigned air intakes on top of the cabin and a redesigned and relocated horizontal stabilizer with vertical end plates. Originally Certified in January 1985. ATAviation is delighted to have this stunning Enstrom 280FX Shark for sale. Above all, the aircraft has amazingly low times of under 900 hours! Furthermore, this model is from 1992 it benefits from far more power than the earlier non-turbocharged machines.


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