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Our website uses cookies to enhance or simplify your experience. On this page you can find out all about their purpose, what it means in terms of privacy and how you can change your browser settings.

What are cookies

A “cookie” is a small data file transferred by a website to your computer’s hard drive. AT AVIATION sends cookies when you use our website, make purchases, request or personalise information, or register for some services. Accepting cookies used on this website does not provide AT AVIATION access to your personal information, but cookies may identify your computer so that, for example, AT AVIATION can determine how many visitors come to the website.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but settings can be adjusted as per your preferences. If certain cookies are disabled, some features of this website may not available or function properly.

What do these cookies do?

This website uses cookies set by AT AVIATION as well as third party cookies, set by another company to perform certain functions. Below is the list of cookies used on this website:

Strictly necessary cookies: these enable visitors to navigate the website and use essential features, such as secure pages, shopping carts and billing functions. These do not collect any information about users and do not require users’ consent.
On this website, these are:-

–   GDPR consent: to inform you about your privacy options
–  Jetpack:  internal metrics fo user activities to improve user experience
–  Wordfence: to increase security

Performance cookies: these collect information about how visitors use our website (e.g. most visited pages or whether error messages are generated). They do not identify users personally, and generally improve the functioning of the website.
On this website, these are:

– Google Analytics
– Jetpack: This is a referral cookie used for analyzing referrer behavior

Functionality/social media cookies: these enable the website to remember user choices (such as region or language) and provide personal features (e.g. providing comments or linking to a social media site). They do not identify visitors personally and are meant to enhance user experience and functionality.
On this website, these are:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– YouTube

Advertising cookies: these enable AT AVIATION to determine how many times each advertisement on the website is viewed by website users. They can also prevent the same advert from being shown to a visitor more than once. They do not identify website users personally and are meant to enhance and personalize user experience.On this website, these are:

– Facebook

How to change cookie settings?

Some cookies can be disabled through your browser settings. However, no browser has a setting to disable all cookies. For more information, please check the “Help” section of your browser. Some websites, such as can also provide helpful information.

Before changing your browser’s cookie settings, you must undrstand that disabling some cookies may cause this website to function improperly and may prevent you from taking full advantage of its features.

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